Lawyer from La Salle University in Mexico City (2007), degree obtained with highest honors; Member of the Council of the Mexico-Ukraine Business Alliance and founding partner of Lagunas Gutierrez & Partners.

During four years he served as President of the Chamber of Commerce Mexico - Ukraine.

He holds a Masters degree in "Public Policy" by the Iberoamericana University, and a Diploma in "Corporate Law" by the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).


His activity has been developed in two main ways; on one hand, in advising and legal instrumentation for the establishment of trade relations, both nationally and internationally in different sectors such as automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, fertilizers, agro-industrial products and inputs, among others; and on the other hand, in resolving civil and commercial litigation disputes before judicial authorities of various kinds, as well as government-related migration, foreign investment, exports and imports.


As President of THE Mexico - Ukraine Foundation (2011), a nonprofit organization, he is committed to the groups with the most economic and social backwardness with the objective of promoting their development and multidimensional consolidation through various social programs that he has implemented for such purposes.


He has given various talks and lectures at several universities in Mexico.


Spanish, English